As human beings, we are always looking for motivation to carry on with our lives. Sometimes (or pretty often), we find someone (it can be a famous person) who inspires us to be better, stronger, smarter and so on. But I would like to see the roots: why do we actually need motivation. From one hand, the idea of being motivated gives us extra energy to grow. Let us take ‘losing weight’ story to consider motivation. In the beginning, you get all the information, you read articles, follow dietitians recommendations, you even are ready to starve and of course, you expect quick and visible results. As practice shows, your motivation covers up first month or a few and then you start feeling a bit low. It can be explained by two reasons:

  1. You have lost some weight and feel weak and dizziness.
  2. You are tired of the diet follow-ups and dreaming about having some chocolate at night.

The idea that you CANNOT have anything ‘unhealthy’ start giving you depression. The level of motivation goes down and it is not easy to restore it back.

Another example: you are very interested in painting or writing. You want to be successful or you just would like to learn for yourself, preferences can be different but the point is: you have got your first portion of motivation. The time passes, you start learning but the process itself goes slow. You can’t write ‘Lord of the Rings’ in one night and there is no way to finish ‘Mona Lisa’ in one week. Then you decide that these arts are not for someone like you and depression still can happen.

What am I trying to say? Is it a call to stop being motivated? To increase motivation? No, no and no.

Due to different experiences I tried in my life, the obvious truth for me is: there is no need to hope that motivation will come and stay with you forever. It won’t. What will definitely help you to achieve your goals, desires and to complete your beginnings is: self-discipline.

Let us see the case of losing weight: following all the rules as important as slow(!), gradual(!!) changing your food habits. Why slow? The slower you start the easier your body will adjust to it. Slowly reduce carbs, slowly reduce sugar. Reward yourself with the little things, do not plan go ahead in one week. As your body will adjust, you will become a master. Without any motivation/lack of motivation but through self-discipline that is already counted as your habit. You may change everything you want to. The same story goes for the arts, sports, or anything else. There is no need to sit and wait for miracles to happen because they won’t. The miracles are in our hands, we need to focus on creating new habits, that will give proper direction to our life. Once you discipline yourself, you will become a master. Trust me. Check it out yourself. You won’t regret. 🙂


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