Warning! If you read this and you get offended, so this story is about you!

Mr. Arrogant Bash was a little Phony living in his Bubble World on the clouds. He always thought he’s right. He always thought everyone should do and be the way he wants them to be and if they haven’t they needed his punishments. He had hard time to understand why others don’t understand his needs. So, once he sat down under the rainbow trees of his own Bubble World and a magical fairy appeared:

–     Hello Little Phony! How can I help you today?

–     Oh! It’s you again. Been a long time no one was around in my world. People don’t do what I want them to do. They don’t understand me. They don’t care about me. They don’t appreciate whatever I do for them. They don’t care about my needs and emotions. What should I do to them?

–     Have you ever asked yourself why?

–     Why should I ask myself when it’s them whom have issues?

–     Well, that’s the point. Answer these questions first: Do they deserve your arrogant attitude?

–     I’m not arrogant. They are. You are! How dare you call me arrogant?

–     Do you appreciate what they do for you?

–     Of course I do.

–     How?

–     Isn’t it enough that they have me? Isn’t it enough that sometimes I say thank you if they really deserve it? It’s their duty to do whatever they do! I didn’t ask them to do! They did it by their choice so why should I even care about it? Why should I say THANK YOU?!

–     Ok, so tell me what you can do to improve yourself and your relationship with them that can have a positive impact on their behavior? Should you change them? Punish them? Mock them? Humiliate them?

–     I don’t do that. You get it all wrong. You have issues understanding me. I never done those to anyone. Do you even use your brain?

–     That’s mocking!

–     But no! Do you really UN-DER-S-TAND?

–     That’s humiliating!

–     Oh shut up!

–     That’s arrogance!

–     Oh come on! You’re making me angry. Leave!

–     Do you like me to do the same to you?

–     To do what? What’s wrong with me? Do whatever you want!

–     So is it ok if I leave you alone when you need me the most? Is it ok if I laugh at you when you’re sharing your ideas and concern without trying to listen or comfort you? Is it ok if I say your appearance turn me off? Is it ok if I’m not caring about you and tell you it’s your fault not mine?

–     Are you telling me that I do those?

–     Yes!

–     You know what? Leave me alone. I don’t even need to talk to you. You don’t understand me. I’m happier all by myself.

–     What do you want me to do?

–     Just leave or if you want to stay, it’s up to you. But if you stay you have to shut your mouth and don’t say anything but when and what I want to hear.

–     Oh my poor Little Phony! Everyone needs the same level of understanding as you do hence, in order to be understood, understand first. Be kind first. Care first. Show love first. Listen first. Otherwise no one will remain in your life.

–     I don’t care.

That day, magical fairy disappeared and never came back. The Little Phony left alone in his little Bubble World and lived happily ever after acting like a god in an uninhabited world.

The End

I am a proud educator, writer, and a non-stop learner. I am in love with innovation and improvement and I go against the stream to reach the highest potential possible and no one can stop me.

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