The alarm clock went off synchronized with the car siren outside. Her face sank in the pillow without looking, searched the side table with her hand. Touching the table surface, the stack of playing cards fell off. The Super Mario alarm was continuously raping her ears. Then her hand moved more toward the sound, faster and angrier. A half-full bottle of water fell over.

“Oh fuck!” finally she moved her head, her face was covered in messy make up.

She smacked the alarm off and sat up. Her feet touched the coarse mat on the floor. She stretched her arms and yawned aloud. Her cat rubbed herself to her bare calves.

“Good morning, Susi”

She hugged the cat and kissed her head. The cat seemed to be annoyed and jumped off her arms and strolled away. Tara smiled, “love you, cute butt” shouted to her cat. She stood up, scratched her back, yawning and ambled to the window. Drew the curtains open, rubbed her eyes and more mascara spread over her eye. The people were running around in the streets.

“What the heck is wrong with them again? This country may never see a nice bright quiet morning ever again”

Seeing such protests or chaotic angry crowd running around was common in Istanbul these days. She turned back to go to the bathroom when the tempting imagination of a warm steamy shower and coffee disrupted by a gasp.

“What the… “She walked toward the bathroom. Confused, she felt a cold sensation in her stomach, “where the fuck is the door?”

She looked inside, the bathroom door was really gone. She checked the hinges. She assumed the owner took the door to replace it as it was half demolished by Susi’s scratches. She thought he might have took it sometimes yesterday when she was at work and that’s why she didn’t notice it. She shrugged. “Who cares?” She took a steamy shower. Feeling fresh, she finally was awake. Dried herself, put her clothes on and stood by the toilet sink to brush her teeth. Based on habit, without looking she touched the cabinet door to take the toothpaste and her morning supplements. Her hand pushed all the bottles, ointments and creams down from the small shelves of the cabinet. She stepped back. The cabinet door was missing as well.

“Why he took the cabinet door?”

She was pissed. She needed to call the owner to ask why he took the bathroom door and the cabinets without informing her. Then she faced another missing door, the bedrooms’. She ran downstairs. Looking around made her heart cringe. All the doors were gone. Not just the rooms but the door and lid to everything you could imagine. Even the jars and the salt shaker.

“Run for your life. Run woman…” a man shouted from the street staring at her half-naked body.

She grabbed a jean and a shirt from the laundry basket and put them on in a swift move.

“Susi” she yelled, “Susi come here”

She put on her sneakers. “Susi? Where the fuck are you? Oh my” she was unable to breathe, panting she ran to the street. Cars alarms were deafening. Their doors were missing. It was surreal. She thought it might be one of those random dreams she had every now and then but when a woman bumped into her and pushed her to the ground, the pain on her elbow and the cut on her wrist brought her to the conclusion that she was in the middle of a chaotic reality. She stood up. Tried to run after people to ask what has happened but everyone was scared. They were running for their lives. She went back to her house. Susi was sitting on the couch licking her paws.

“You never give a fuck, do you?” she said and turned the TV on.

News… news… news….

“This is a new phenomenon we never thought may happen. What do you think the source may be” the female news anchor asked the guest. They looked polished and careless. Calm as they supposed to be.

“I think this is a massive rubbery. There should be the hidden message behind it. In my personal opinion, it may be a religious message. Possibly align with the end of the world. This apocal…”

She changed the channel and saw the president,

“…a danger to the whole nation. We will not let the enemy create such jeopardy and chaos among our people. We defend our country against the terrorism, the…”

A child barged into her house, “mama” he wailed, “mama” then a woman hugged him and ran off. Tara felt insecure. The news was talking about the chaos all around the country showing the scenery of looting and rubbery, police enforcement, chaos. Another channel,

“This is a sign for all of us… for our time… our generation… for how long we lost the doors to our private life? Just look at the social media… our whole life is on the internet. People know your mood, your eating habits, your relationships, your favorite places to visit, your hobbies… everyone knows about everyone and now we’re talking about privacy? Just think about it, Lucy… “The man paused. Looked right into the reporter’s eyes, “we have no private life”

“I agree with you, Frederic, however, this is different. Social media exposure is a choice. The missing doors are not. A world without doors means everyone can sneak into everyone’s place. Work. Life. No one would feel free ever again” Lucy stated. Her voice and body gesture was screaming seduction. However, it didn’t make Fredric uncomfortable.

He laughed, “Oh well. A choice for exposure? Interesting indeed. How are you such sure the missing doors are not a choice? We wanted everyone to look at a very private moment in our lives… here you go. Privacy is completely and completely dead, and we killed it…But there’s a possibility to it. This may make us more honest”

Three men sprinted into her house.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” she screamed.

“Shut the fuck up or we kill you” A gun pointed at her.

Her whole body felt cold and shivered. Her spine started to sweat. Her mouth went dry. Two of them went upstairs. The last one that was taller and bigger than others stayed with her.

“Who else in the house”

She shook her head, “no… no one”


“Yes… I live alone… with… with my cat”

He grunted, “Pathetic”

The other two guys with their hands full of her valuable stuff ran downstairs.

“Did you find anything else?”


“Take the TV and… the PlayStation too”

Not my PlayStation… she thought and sighed. One of the two guys put all her stuff in his backpack and then took the PlayStation, “The games too?”

“Take everything valuable. Don’t forget her phone”

At least leave The Last of Us. She mumbled.

When they left the place, she started crying. Susi rubbed herself to her feet and mewed.

“They even took my games”, she whimpered, “it’s the end Susi and we have no one”

After a few moments of desperation, she finally decided to find a way to secure her situation. She emptied the wardrobe and pushed it to the door. She could hear gunshots. Then she pushed the fridge and the washing machine to safeguard the door. Then she covered the windows. Sealed it as much as she could. Felt happy it was the only door to the outside. Then she ran to the basement to evaluate her food storage. Based on her calculation she could live off the food and water for about 3 weeks. Then she searched for tools she could have used as self-protection. Her old bat, climbing boots, her old motorcycle outfit, rubber strings, tools, barbed wire, her pistol air gun. She put all in a basket and went back to the hall. She hammered as much as long nails into the racket as she could and wrapped it tight with barbed wire. Then covered the handle with rubber strings to make a good grip. Proud of her creation she tilted the bat in the air.

“Ready to go, your name will be Snap

The night fell. The city sank in a dark silence. The lights were buzzing.

“Soon there will be no electricity”

She went upstairs, looking at her bed, she knew she won’t be able to sleep. So she took her backpack from the top of the wardrobe. Filled it with some necessary clothes. A toothbrush, medicine, first aid stuff, and a bar of soap, a portable blanket then along with the bed’s blanket she walked to the basement. The light was dying. She found a flashlight and as the tail cap was gone, she safeguarded the batteries with duct tape and put both the small flashlight and the tape inside her backpack.

“Need some matches… candles”

She searched for candles in the kitchen and found a whole box of white candles and two lighters and a box of matches. She put all in plastic bags to safeguard them from a non-door world. The lights went off as she predicted. The blinding darkness covered everywhere. She searched the backpack and grappled the flashlight and lit it up. Susi’s eyes were glowing. She walked to the basement. For some reason, she felt more secure there. She lit some candles, made a sleeping area for herself by the blanket, zip up the backpack and used it as a pillow. Susi curled up next to her. She needed to know more about the world but without her cell phone, laptop and TV where she could get more news?


She searched the old dusty boxes for a radio, “there should be a radio in all houses,” she murmured, “ah… there you are, old lady”

The yellow radio looked clean. She sat back on her blanket and slid some batteries in the radio and fixed them with duct tape. The sound of white noise, random signals. She finally found some news-like music so she waited for someone to talk. After a few seconds a woman voice announced,

“Please do not change the frequency. It is an automated news repeating every 15 minutes” the same music played and then she continued, “The missing door phenomenon called by an expert as Dickens’ Black Country, has happened early morning yesterday 14th July 2018 at 2.03 am. This phenomenon as it is reported has started from Strandzha, Bulgaria and expanded to the Middle East through Turkey. The source of the phenomenon is unknown. The theories behind are two: terrorism and alien invasion. None is proven. For your safety, it is advised to stay inside and seal all the doors and entrances to avoid human and animal invasions. There are massive robberies and looting happening which the government is unable to control. The government promised to take the situation under control soon. The government also promised to provide special meetup points for providing food and water. This is the end of the automated news.” Music.

Few weeks passed. She faced no invasion till day 19. She woke up hearing people scream and breaking glass.

“It’s time” she whispered.

She grabbed her bat and air gun and waited in the basement. Susi hid in the middle of some box. Tara heard men and women searching her cabinets.

“There’s nothing here”

“There should be. This house was sealed for a long time. I bet there’s food somewhere”

“I go to the basement. You search upstairs. If anyone tried to defend themselves, kill them”

Tara took a deep breath. Moved her fingers to get rid of numbness. She was ready to smash a head open with Snap. Footsteps… 7… 8… 9… her eyes got used to the dark and she knew she had this advantage toward anyone who was coming down. She saw the shadow of a figure. She swirled her bat and landed it on the skull. A crunch and snap. The body fell down. She swiftly grabbed her backpack and whispered Susi… let’s go.

She tiptoed up the stairs, Susi followed her. The gun locked on the backside of her leather bike pants, the back bottom of her leather jacket was stick beside the handle of the pistol. The stairs were screeching under her boots. Her head was safeguarded in her helmet. She found no one in the hall. She hanged the backpack on both of her shoulders and hugged Susi. She crept outside of the door and when she found no one, she dashed to the narrow lane next to the house. Her heart was beating and she was repeating ‘please be there…please be there’ She reached the back lane behind her house. She grinned.

“There it is Susi. Ready?” she said and Susi mewed looked uncomfortable in her arms.

Tara left her on the ground and drew the cover off her big Ducati Scrambler.

“Long time no see” she whispered and caressed its airbox cover like it was her lover. The gas lid was still in its place, “let’s roll baby”

Few months passed. The governments failed to control the chaos. People started to kill people for survival, for food, for water. The doors never came back. Even whatever sealed them dissolved into nothingness after few days. It was like the door frames was eating whatever was blocking them. Everything in the world started to merge in everything. Insects started to crawl out of sewages, animals ran away from zoos, prisoner escaped their cells, no airplanes could fly, and nothing could be sealed or blocked. Educated people learned by themselves how to survive a none-door world. They started to share everything they had. Even their wives, children, private parts. They forgot how to lie and pretend. They became their true selves. The ‘who’ they really were. Some others died in their houses as they covered the entrances by building a wall in front. They couldn’t get out and some says the ended cannibals. The rest of the nations remained in chaos. Chaos gave them power to do what they wanted to do, to be who they wanted to be, to take what they wanted to take, to show what they wanted to show. Sex became a public affair. People lost interest in wearing clothes. They never shut their mouth as they liked it to be open. In this non-sealed public world, Tara and Susi traveled to the far end of the nature in each corner of the world with her Scrambler in search of a house with a door.

I am a proud educator, writer, and a non-stop learner. I am in love with innovation and improvement and I go against the stream to reach the highest potential possible and no one can stop me.

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