It was hot in the university. Peppina and Cherry nervously stood by each other looking at everyone. They didn’t know how to warn them about the danger. Cherry suspected that they weren’t still recovered after visiting Lava Land. When all the Dragons (apart from Shisso), Kelpie and doctor Big Brain were at the rainbow-table she wanted to explain what has happened to them but she still didn’t find a proper time. After a while of complete silence, Lint stood up in anger,

  • I am so sorry dear Unity but I knew! I knew that this horrible person is planning something behind us!

Lint’s cheeks turned red. She breathing fast and deep. Nobody replied to her comments.

  • Why are you quiet?! Don’t you see the truth? He is tricky! We MUST KICK HIM OUT of the Unity!
  • Umm…Amigos. That seems dangerous for all of us,

professor TomatosĀ added in a shy tone. He wiped his face and sighed. Lint continued,

  • As you see, he ignored today’s meeting. And Mirlando is not fully established yet. If he wants, he might destroy…And…
  • Enough, my dear.

Kelpie interrupted, smiled and came closer to Lint. He put his hand on her forehead.

  • You are burning, darling. You need rest. You have been working hard.

Lint wanted to talk more, but as Master was holding her hand she hesitated to speak. Kelpie looked at all the Dragons and continued,

  • My dearest Unity. There is no need to be worried. If something has to happen, it will happen. No one can stop it. At the present moment, we have noticed that Shisso is not following the rules, yes. But I am begging you to give him a chance. He is an extremely strong person, there is no doubt about it. But he …he never learned what love is. What empathy is. What kindness is. He has never seen parents’ love and care, he has never had any friends. I suppose that is a reason why he is trying to show how powerful he is. I believe, that Shisso has a chance to change. Let us give it to him. One last chance.

Dragons were looking at Kelpie without saying a word. His blue light and the incredible peaceful tone of his voice cleared their minds and purified their hearts. Lint held her breath for a moment. She was shy and touched. She realized, that she has never looked at the things from such a deep perspective. She closed her eyes and started crying,

‘If I need to sacrifice my life for you, Master, I will’ she thought.

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