• Welcome back! The Pink Dragon is back!

All the piggies of the Lollipop Land were chanting waving at two ladies and happily dancing around. Peppina and Cherry took each step carefully trying to balance their moves as both still felt weak. They had hardship comprehending the situation. Jelly, Cherry’s daughter have noticed that something is wrong. She tried to walk through the crowd as fast as she could. Immediately after reaching the ladies, she guided them both to the empty mini-canteen.

  • Mum? Mrs. Peppina? Are you alright?

Cherry wanted to reply but she had no energy to answer. She nodded her head and closed eyes. Mrs. Peppina after a while took Jelly’s hand and whispered,

  • He is too powerful…we are in danger, dear Jelly…I don’t think Mirlando has a chance to …remain beautiful and peaceful… He..he is tricky and strong…Lord Kelpie made him a worldsaver…No, no dear Jelly…He is a destroyer…Absolute destroyer…

Jelly was confused. She looked back to the small yard in front of the mini-canteen. No one was there but she could hear happy chants. All the piggies were preparing for evening ‘yum-yum-market’ where they wanted to share different candies, handmade goods and listening to the Lolli-music. They have invited some artists from Violo-Land to play music for them. The whole atmosphere was too auspicious. Jelly could not even think about anything bad and scary to happen.

  • Mrs Peppina, but Kelpie knows what is he doing. If he honored Shisso to be a world saver – there is a deep meaning behind. I am sure, Kelpie will control this

Peppina started sobbing. Suddenly Cherry stood up and looked at her daughter with confidence,

  • Jelly, darling… You are right. Lord Kelpie is controlling everything. But Shisso is dark, his heart is dark and scorched. Both of us got sick in Lava Land. He has created his Land not a place of hope but fire. it doesn’t look like a city that you would like to visit, trust me. My intuition tells me that he is waiting…

She stopped talking.

  • Waiting for what mum? Why don’t you believe in Kelpie? He will protect us!

Cherry looked in her daughters’ eyes and smiled.

  • He is waiting for a special moment, darling. He knows he can’t defeat Kelpie. But he also knows that he can win over wind, fire, and air. And, holy Lollys, he will do his best to erase all the beauty, colors and fragrances.
  • But…
  • Let us go, Jelly. We don’t have that much time. We will stay here for few days to make sure the Lolly-kitchen works properly and then we will have to go, to warn others. Let us do not waste even one more second.

(to be continued)

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