On their way to Lava Land, the weather was pretty bad and caused Peppina and Cherry to breath with difficulties. After a few moments in that condition, they felt weak and light headed. There was a long road ahead, so they decided to take a break. They break on a big hill from where they could observe surroundings. Peppina closed her eyes and despite a headache was almost unbearable, she tried to think what can they create and cook for Lva Land habitats. Cherry took her special spices (magic spices, such as strawberry powder, vanilla crumbs and coconut flour) out of her piggie-bag and gasped.  All the spices turned into dust. With the eyes wide open, she silently looked at Peppina. They knew it was not an easy way ahead.

A few days later, they were sitting in front of Shisso still wondering why he has created his Land this way. An upside down ice cream mountain with melting lava, hot burning roads, the gigantic spider-throne, the spider trees and few abandon buildings. No life was there, no air to breathe. They had plenty of questions, but none of them had any energy to talk. Shisso seemed powerful and confident. He was proud of himself that his land is slightly different to the ‘rainbow nonsense’ as he liked to call it. He looked at them with joy in his eyes. He loved to see them exhausted.

  • Well, ladies. There is no need for sugary food, as I hate it. No need for milk, flour, chocolate and other stupid stuff that are nourishment for the weak idiots. I don’t need that crap. 

He looked straight into their eyes and sensed the fear in their hearts. He laughed and continued,

  • And I hate colors. Specifically pink! Let me guess, you two, are the representatives of the Pink Dragon, ready to satisfy my needs, hah?

He laughed and grabbed a small rock.

  • Look at this. I love emptiness. And I do love fire. Can you create something based on emptiness and fire? Some sort of bland blank cake?

A smirk on his face, he crossed his arms over his chest and waited. He was staring at them from above, no tremble in his face, laid back on his throne. After a while, Cherry stood up and glared at Shisso,

  • Yes, Shisso. We can make it. I have an invisible ‘all-purpose-flour’ that you can not turn it in ashes as you did with my other powders. So, by that, we will make glass-candies and as a filling, we will use the fire. They will be bland and blank as you wish. You can eat one candy a week and it will last you long. No sugar, no butter, and no colors will be added. No liquids as well. What do you think?

Cherry was sweating and panting. Her hands jammed angrily in her pockets. Peppina stood up and tapped Cheery`s shoulders.

  • Come on, my friend, we have to go. Let us make it fast, so we can leave soon.

She agreed and they left to collect some fires. Shisso watched them fade away. He grinned and thought,

  • They don’t know, how destructive those candies could be.

He laughed rubbing his palms together. That gesture caused a thunder that made everything quake.

(to be continued)

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