Poetry Contest

Hey all,
I have a project for a poetry book called “imagine a world

There will be an Amazon gift card worth 100 dollars for the top picked poem. The poem will be published on the first page of the book and the poet will get a free copy of both printed and the e-book.

Also, all the chosen poems will be published in the book as well as the website www.ifreeme.com and all the poets will get a free e-book copy of the book.

The contributors are required to write poems on specific topics focusing on what our human society is missing or lacking today. On topics such as peace, empathy, connections, time, morals, values, trust, ideas, true love, knowledge, health, etc.

If you are interested to join the contest email me your poem to neda @ ifreeme. com. Make sure you include the following detail:
1) Email Subject: Imagine A World
2) Your preferred name to be mentioned in the book
3) The poem needs to have a title
4) It’s a freestyle poetry so feel free to pick any style you’re comfortable with
5) Mention which topic you’ve picked from the list above

You can choose several topics and send me several poems for each. (limited to 5 poems per person)

The Deadline for the submission is 20 June 2018

I will check for the plagiarism so please avoid copying. Be creative and innovative.

Thank you
Neda Aria

I am a proud educator, writer, and a non-stop learner. I am in love with innovation and improvement and I go against the stream to reach the highest potential possible and no one can stop me.

Specialties: research, human behavior studies, training, education, public relations, creative writing, event planning, marketing

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