I was the host for Playbasis Founder and CEO, Robert Zepeda in Passion Talk on 8th of May 2018. Robert imparted his insights and knowledge focused mainly on discussing how to make the right investments, possessing the proper mindset, and doing sound choices as a gateway to success. His business @Playbasis provides a gamified cloud-based technology platform which makes it easy for businesses to launch modern applications that are fun, engaging, and rewarding for millennial audiences. Playbasis generates revenue through a B2B, software-as-a-service subscription business model where customers only pay for the services that they use. Thanks to Robert as he inspired us for change.

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I am a proud educator, writer, and a non-stop learner. I am in love with innovation and improvement and I go against the stream to reach the highest potential possible and no one can stop me.

Specialties: research, human behavior studies, training, education, public relations, creative writing, event planning, marketing

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