Mr. Paraplu had emotional issues for past few weeks. Despite he was too busy with the preparations for the musical academy launch, deep in his heart he felt uncomfortable. In his small bedroom in a building across the academy, he was sunk in his thoughts. It wasn’t because he wasn’t picked to be one of the Dragons, he knew it for sure. He was ready to sacrifice his life for this purpose if necessary. He knew by heart that Mirlando’s prosperity is more important than his own life. He lit vanilla-candles that received as a gift from Mrs. Peppina to help him stay calm. Three more days and Violo-Solo-Land will happily open its doors to Mirlanders. Three more days before the new life. Mr. Paraplu was staring at the candles mumbling,

  • Such an interesting period in my life…Such a big responsibility on my shoulders. To bring the power of music to this universe. To teach others how to discover inner beauty through music. And, to establish a strong connection between the mind and soul. That is a real meaning of music… that is my life

He repeated last words and walked to the window. As Violo-Solo-Land wasn’t too far from the Lava Land, he saw an odd red light on the mountain. His heart started beating faster. Since he was a little Paraplu, everyone in his family had this gift “they could listen to the music of other people’s soul.” Some creatures had light melodies, some had fast and playful melodies. Some souls were just like spring rain, some were like evening wind. He always could recognize immediately what kind of person he is dealing with. All the students and professors were chanting the beautiful anthem of “freedom and love” A music that could heal any wound, pain, and darkness if they only were able to sense that melody.

The only soul he could never connect to was Shisso’s.  When he tried to listen to his soul, he heard nothing but complete silence. At the beginning of meeting him, he didn’t pay much attention to it. But the more he knew about this unknown Silenced Soul, the more he feared Shisso. He picked some books in his library written by his ancestors. Those books describe all kinds of souls and melodies, but he hardly could find any page that would describe silence.

Finally, in one of the books, at the bottom of one of the pages, Mr. Paraplu found a note,

If there is no sound to be recognized, this may be caused by a certain disease. If there are no diseases found, that means this soul is forgotten. It has lost his sound during the lifetime and there is no known way to recover it‘.

Mr. Paraplu felt there’s a need to share this information with others, but he decided to talk to Shisso first. He looked at the mountain again.

‘Just before the opening… I must meet him just before the opening’

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