Whatever we were, we had no rights to feel like a human. He created us, he sent us to the production line, he mass-produced us, he personalized us, and he owned us. “An automaton was an automaton with or without free will” as he said. Just imagine what if they knew I developed some feelings. In such case, most probably they would send us to Demolishing Center as a threat to humanity. “An automaton has no rights to individual identity and thinking.” He stated, “It” as he loved to call us with this pronoun, “builds to serve Nroians.” This was blinking in our Manual.

AVA Automatons Manual
Please your owner. Never question anything and perform as dictated. If an automaton develops free will, such upgrade will be in use to liberally decide to sacrifice oneself for the sake of humanity if needed. If the free will is used for other personal reasons, the automaton connection will be terminated and it will be deployed to the Demolishing Center.

General Automaton Regulations
Automatons have no independent identity from their owner. They, with or without free will, have to sacrifice oneself for their creator if necessary. The main creator has the right to shut them down or summon them to the center if required. Order of the main creator is a higher priority to the owners or secondary creators.

Our manuals were simple, however, we were not. We were machines with a complex individualistic matrix of thoughts who could improve their complexity up to the level of having free will… and they expected us to follow, to not be too creative when it comes to thinking, to never develop feelings? But what they knew? An entity with a selfish attitude such as humans never able to imagine their creation can be something at least like them forget about the fact of being better than them.


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