Category: Kelpie Side Stories

Day by day he made himself busy and it made him happy. Busy finding out a new hobby or busy doing nothing at all. He never regretted if something didn’t work out. He never stopped believing in success, fame, and prosperity. He┬áremembered nothing about his childhood and he was never worried about the future. Jammy

Mr. Paraplu had emotional issues for past few weeks. Despite he was too busy with the preparations for the musical academy launch, deep in his heart he felt uncomfortable.┬áIn his small bedroom in a building across the academy, he was sunk in his thoughts. It wasn’t because he wasn’t picked to be one of the

It was hot in the university. Peppina and Cherry nervously stood by each other looking at everyone. They didn’t know how to warn them about the danger. Cherry suspected that they weren’t still recovered after visiting Lava Land. When all the Dragons (apart from Shisso), Kelpie and doctor Big Brain were at the rainbow-table she