Day by day he made himself busy and it made him happy. Busy finding out a new hobby or busy doing nothing at all. He never regretted if something didn’t work out. He never stopped believing in success, fame, and prosperity. He┬áremembered nothing about his childhood and he was never worried about the future. Jammy

Today in Passion Talk event, @Noppol ‘Tam’ Toochinda, award-winning entrepreneur joined us at in Bangkok School of Management and shared his amazing inspiring journey in life, education, and business with our students. He is a challenge seeker and aims to bring international biz to Thailand and helping international companies to set up and run a

Mr. Paraplu had emotional issues for past few weeks. Despite he was too busy with the preparations for the musical academy launch, deep in his heart he felt uncomfortable.┬áIn his small bedroom in a building across the academy, he was sunk in his thoughts. It wasn’t because he wasn’t picked to be one of the