I believe in the goodness of the future and I strongly insist that education is the only way to guarantee that. Creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration are the attributes of a 21st-century classroom wherein students are prepared for a complex life and work environment. I am delighted that I have the freedom to design a curriculum and work with amazing Course Facilitator and Designers to promote these characteristics and further encourage our teachers to employ creativity, innovation, and originality as they teach. In my college, we provide an environment of critical thinking and problem-solving skills for our students as they frame, analyze, and synthesize information to solve problems and answer questions. We believe that communication and collaboration as a tool to articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively will be our students’ edge in the real world setting. We believe in the betterment of our world and we inspire change. Seeing the students happiness, improvements and passion are what make every educator highly inspired.



I am a proud educator, writer, and a non-stop learner. I am in love with innovation and improvement and I go against the stream to reach the highest potential possible and no one can stop me.

Specialties: research, human behavior studies, training, education, public relations, creative writing, event planning, marketing

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