Month: May 2017

The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek explains the leadership in the 21st century very well. This model can simply be used in education as well. As a curriculum developer, I use this model to create a basic structure of the educational system I’m targeting. In general, the education system in modernism era was a top-down approach that

We are trapped in a behavior which unconsciously influences our choices and mental categorization. Not only because our brain is hard-wired to classify people, things, and situations based on the shallow and surface information but also, because we are trained since childhood for stereotypes, judgmental and biased behavior. We learned since birth that we belong

I started studying conformity based on a behavioral perspective in which we test, study and compare the sample group to find how conformity may influence behavior. From this point of view, I focus on empathy in education. Empathy is one of the missing parts of our society today and it’s one of the main life