Lamad Retiera, the creation of souls

He was blind by sight like all his ancestors. He was the last of his kind. He had no need for eyes as his mind would see what is needed to see. Hence, however, there were no stars above to light the Lamad Retiera and that he had no eyes to see but he could sense what he created out of absolute darkness. In this darkness, however, Kotos like an infection was growing. Kotos was some sort of darkness and if it gets to a living being, it will consume it from within. When it settles in, the host will be just a puppet in its hands losing self-consciousness and self-recognition. Kotos is an intelligent entity crave for the light within you to turn you to the beasts that neither respect nor obey you. That is the reason why he washed away and exterminated all life on the planet Lamad Retiera by the flood. Sensing the murky void of the dark, he knew he has to die to recreate new entities in a shape and size similar to his own. Then, he could call them souls. Through these souls, he could fight Kotos. He would die but he would multiple through them. His infinite memory would shatter and he would be lost in nothingness until he would be resurrected once more.

“Chumin, the last delegate of all. To avoid oblivion, thee shalt replace me to instruct the souls hath raised out of each particle of mine own existence, scatt’r’d all ov’r the whole omniv’rse how to square the Kotos. Thee shalt teachest those folk through dreams as thou art the mast’r of dreams. Kotos shalt not cease till thee quench the last vibration of its flame. Beest wise Chumin as the Atrapasueños has’t the same pow’r as thee. Those gents shall pollut’rs of dreams using those folk to square ‘gainst thee. Beest acknown dearest Chumin, thee and Atrapasueños both shalt englut life and yond f’r the timeth of mine own absence shall putteth a halt on imm’rtality of souls”
I could observe through Chumin’s eyes but I was unable to know how she or he may look like. I was stuck in her body without any power to leave.

“Chumin, the wisest of all. Thou art a wise entity yond can teach souls all techniques and arts and healing methods behoveful f’r life. Once thee fulfills thy mission in Lamad Reti’ra, the divine envoy wouldst revive me and thee wouldst p’rish yourself. Anon kneeleth down to approveth”

After few moments, Chumin kneeled down. I could see the soft pale skin of her knee. Chumin was a woman with long ashen hair touching the ground. She said no words looking at the grayish stony ground and I felt being smothered. I felt a hand on my mouth and a bell that was ringing. My lungs were burning for air. I wanted to take a breath but there was no oxygen. My head was pounding, and I could feel the pressure on my chest. There were spots swaying in my vision. ‘What a terrible way to die…’ my world slowly fades to black.


To be continued…

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